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The “Difference Makers”

The “Difference Makers”

One of many things I am truly grateful for is that God has taught me flexibility.  He has given me the ability to continually grow and improve, both personally and professionally.  It allows me to be open when someone wants to share a compliment or complaint.  I tend to be super flexible and open as long as someone speaks with grace. (Yes, I still need help in managing my reactions when someone is disrespectful, as I am not perfect).

I always say, feedback is a gift!  So, I am truly grateful to those customers who have taken time to share feedback on their experience.  Sometimes, they tell me on the spot, or sometimes if it is sensitive, they call me.  Whenever time a person takes the time to share their experience (with grace), it is a win-win for everybody:

  • The mac-O-licious team gets a chance to celebrate and feel energized after a busy day.
  • Or we get a moment to learn and do better.


When a customer takes the time to share, we have an opportunity to ensure that they are happy upon arrival and happy before they leave.

We live in a world that has become increasingly mean-spirited and angry.  People have resorted to using the internet as a means of belittling, harassing, and even bullying others.  What I continue to learn is, even the top restaurants and hotels all over the world make mistakes. I’ve traveled from Los Angeles to Doha, Qatar.  Stuff happens.  I can choose to let it ruin my day, or take a moment to make a difference in the lives of the next person.  I choose to be a “difference maker”.

Now, don’t get me wrong: When a complaint is lodged and ignored or mishandled, then I may tell somebody.  But at least I gave them a chance.

On Saturday, a customer called to tell me she had an complaint with her dish.  We were able to address it immediately.  She is now THRILLED and so GRATEFUL!!  The flip side is: We are GRATEFUL because we would have never known.

That same day, a guy came in and looked around.  We thought, “Is he a music producer?”  He just had that “look.”  He came back later, with his beautiful companion.  I walked up and said “Hi! Welcome to Mac-O-licious!”  Neither looked at me.  Neither acknowledged that I was standing 10 inches from them with a smile.  I walked away, and said to myself, “I already know how this is going to play out.”  It’s a simple formula:

Miserable People + (good food or bad food) = miserable experience.

They were unhappy the entire time, and didn’t look like they enjoyed their meal (of course).  They left and barely acknowledged our numerous visits to their table, or our “Thank you for coming.”

Sometimes you just have to pray for people.  And I am glad someone is praying for me!

So, please allow me to say a huge “Thank you” to all of the “difference makers” we have met over the last month.  You have the choice every day to help or to harm, to heal or to hurt.  You elected to make the positive choice!  And as such, you are helping to create a National Brand.  Because of you, we can build it on a strong foundation.

Have a wonderful week, and see you again soon.

With #maclove,


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