On being a part of “Restaurant Startup” on CNBC Prime (Part Three) - MacOlicious
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On being a part of “Restaurant Startup” on CNBC Prime (Part Three)

On being a part of “Restaurant Startup” on CNBC Prime (Part Three)

It looks like the mac-O-licious episode of Restaurant Startup is airing again tonight on CNBC Prime.  On New Years Day, my DVR crashed, and I lost all of my shows.  I just happened to check to see when it would air again, and wouldn’t you know?  Today!!  I am all set to record – Phew!!


It has been almost a year since I shut down the Food Truck, and transitioned to Farmers Markets and Events.  January was almost the exact time that I started looking on my own for a Restaurant location (after an unsuccessful 6 month search).

I was so excited and honored to have a chance to show my concept to two amazing Restaurateurs on National Television!  What an opportunity!  We filmed the show in the Spring, and I still hadn’t found a location.  When we didn’t win, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do (or how I would do it).

But I knew that I COULDN’T GIVE UP.

One thing I am sure of, is you have to believe in yourself more than anyone else.  And one “No” is just that: ONE.

Or in this case – Two.

Launching on my own hasn’t been easy.  Some of the feedback and comments given to us by Joe Bastianich and Tim Love were “spot on” I learned.  So I am eternally grateful to have met them both.

In the meantime, people have asked to open our first franchise, and investors say, “Keep us in mind as you expand.”  We’ve been approached by three properties about expansion.  I haven’t made any decisions yet.  As I continue to find ways to manage the current cash flow on my own, I try to surround myself with people who have a high level of experience and knowledge like Joe and Tim.   And out of nowhere, “Angel Experts and Mentors” seem to show up at the restaurant.  The story of my “Angels” is an awesome blog for another time.

Of all of the businesses I have ever managed or owned, this is my greatest challenge.  Yet, it is definitely the most satisfying!  I love talking with customers and finding out how they heard about us.  I love serving the homeless and singing!  I love seeing a bowl of mac’n’cheese that looks like I made it, but it was actually prepared by a hard-working employee.  During the Christmas Season, the hand-made window decorations that an employee created really touched my heart.  When Tim and Joe asked me what was my vision for the restaurant design, all I had was some mac’n’cheese fabric.  To see that design come to life as a part of the “Brand” is a powerful example of “speaking things into existence”.

I hope to encourage someone to NOT GIVE UP.  As hard as this is, I have seen unequivocally what God can do with a little:  a little bit of expertise, a little bit of money, and a little bit of faith.  Everyone says, “It takes two years to get a restaurant business off the ground” so we still have a long way to go.  But, when customers ask “Where are your other locations?” it confirms that people already see the long-term vision.  My vision is to make people smile all over the globe with a cheesy bowl of comfort food, and maybe a song.  To be a Light in this big world.

In 2015, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  Pray for strength and wisdom.  Pray for miracles and surprises!  Pray that God would encircle me with talented and ethical employees who are passionate about excellence.  Pray that unhappy people leave the restaurant comforted.  Pray for greater awareness and revenue opportunities:

  • to generate income for the myself and the staff (who have families and bills), and
  • to generate income to continue feeding the homeless and hungry in Cleveland and Los Angeles.


Most of all, please pray that during times of struggle, I am reminded of this very message that I am sending to you:

  • Decree your vision.
  • Decree success.
  • Don’t give up!
  • Live a life of purpose.  If you live a life of purpose, you will NEVER fail.


God bless you all and thank you for your support!

With #maclove,


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